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If you’re one of the hundreds of people who has joined us in the work here in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador, then you know some of what we do.  I have been ‘in country’ for over 10 years.  There have been great losses and trials too many to recount.  There have also been tremendous gains in faith community development, real and sustainable ‘social work,’ and education across many topics.  If this is your first time here, then this is a brief outline of what we have been involved in.

1.  Bringing the Gospel to those without. (Yes, there are still people here who have never heard it).
2.  Bringing people together through a unifying message of peace and reconciliation.
3.  Basic theological teaching.  What does a practical theology for everyone look like lived out?
4.  Progressive theological teaching.  Preparing leaders for Mission work locally and abroad via advanced seminary level instruction and intensive real life interaction.
5.  Consulting with local churches and faith groups on how best to engage their communities.
6.  Clean water projects which include natural filtration units constructed from readily available materials and the drilling of fresh drinking water wells for communities without.
7.  Medical assistance in the form of medical teams and cooperation with local medical clinics and projects, anti-parasite treatments, basic hygiene, and alternative medicine.
8.  Feeding programs such as our annual ‘Christmas Basket Project’ which feeds hundreds of isolated and impoverished families every year. We continue to meet the immediate relief needs of the hungry, malnourished,  and the marginalized throughout the year as critical situations arise.
9.  We provide clothing, shoes, and sometimes toys to children in the region who have none of those.
10.  For over 5 years, we have had and established home fellowships in various communities where we share meals, our struggles, and make strides towards breaking down cultural barriers so that we can all learn from each other and communicate effectively to those who live in wonderful diversity.  This region of Ecuador is known as a ‘Mega-Diverse’ and hosts more cultures in a single area than many other places on the planet.
11.  We are currently involved in a massive reforestation project which will protect, preserve, and ultimately produce for those in the region; as well as sustainable agricultural endeavors like ‘Aquaponics.’
12. We have been known to host troubled youth and others suffering setbacks at Cerca Latitude Ministry House.  We’ll also host people for indeterminate lengths of time as they are willing to join us in serving our local communities.  (To date, we have worked, or are working in over 30 communities.

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Lastly, there is a lot of counseling that happens in my home.  I just never know when someone will come to talk about life as it happens.  My take on ‘ministry’ looks a lot different than most would assume.  I’m always hanging out with the nomadic, transient, and ‘searching people by participating in ‘edgy’ get togethers, and doing my best to listen and understand their cultures.  I am an avid Mountain Biker, an author, an amateur spiritual anthropologist, and a maker of indigenous percussion instruments.  I have been accused of ‘dancing too close to danger’ spiritually, but it is exactly there where I feel at home and ultimately, where faith doesn’t risk, it is no faith.

This year is getting VERY full with folks who want to come and work with me, but if you’d like to spend some time in one of the most breathtaking places in the world, impact lives, do some extreme activities, and appreciate how 2/3rds of the world still lives, then email me at He.is@live.com and we’ll talk about how to make that happen.
In any case, I’d appreciate your moral or financial support and you may use the widget below or contact me at the Email I suggested above.  The outline of our work may sound ambitious, but I can assure you that those who have worked with us here can attest to its genuineness.  Please consider making a small recurring monthly donation to our work here.  If you’d like to donate towards a specific project, then let me know.

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