Which of These 10 Types of Missionaries Are You?

There are lots of different kinds of missionaries.  The wonderfully diverse nature of God and His infinitely creative design move people to mission with Him in peculiar ways unto the reconciliation of all things.  (Colossians 1:20) This is not hard science and is not for the purposes of peg holing people into a role, but […]

In my head, I’d probably call it 'Apostolic Discipleship,' but…

I was talking to a friend today about evangelism and discipleship in diverse contexts. We spoke of successes and failures, movements and mind-shifts, and of laying down and tearing up foundations. We laughed at our mistakes and lamented at some of the directional decisions we’ve made along the way. I briefly described our evangelism/discipleship process […]

Are there those with Apostolic Characteristics Today?

This painting portrays the oldest known likeness of the Apostle John. And like the antiquity of this painting, so is the argument as to whether or not Apostles exist today. There are distinctions made between small “a” apostles & LARGE “A” apostles, those who must put the “Apostle” title before their names, and still others […]