Advent Apologetics Day #3 – Helpless Doesn’t Mean Hopeless

One of the families we were happy to meet and serve during last year’s Christmas Basket Project in a community where the Gospel was not known.  “If your apologetic isn’t rooted in hope, then it’s just an argument from malice.” Advent Apologetics is about hope for the helpless.     Dietrich Bonhoeffer said; “A prison […]

Is Christianity Just a Bunch of DOs and DON'Ts ?

It seems inevitable.  Regardless of how or how many Christians gather together, eventually the activity boils down to a set of rules.  Relationship, both to God and our fellow man are stifled by the imposition of rote regulations.  The measure of a congregation or individual Christians is often determined by the things they do or […]

Do Christians Impose Their Values On Others? Part I

In order to impose, one must have the power or authority to impose.  This applies to a group or an individual.  When it comes to government, especially in the United States, there is not a single Christian group endowed with such authority.  Every law “imposes” someone’s moral “values” on someone else.  If you give a […]

The Day After the Vote

Voters in North Carolina have approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions, according to the Associated Press.  There was a virtual fervor yesterday on the social networks and news sites regarding this.  Both sides of the argument expressed their opinions on the ethics and morality of the vote itself. My question is a simple one: […]