I Witnessed A Baptism, and it Made Me Mad as Hell.

Yesterday, while making my rounds in the small community of Mindo-Ecuador, I witnessed a baptism. The folks participating in the baptism were not from Mindo, but from Quito, one of Ecuador’s major cities.  They were using a public swimming area and there was many other activities going on there simultaneously.  They were dressed very well, […]

Contrary to popular opinion, the Bible never exhorts us to have “childlike” faith.

C.K. Chesterton once said that God “has the eternal appetite of infancy.” In the often misunderstood verses of Matthew 18:2-4, Jesus says that we must “become as little children.” But Jesus was not referring to faith here, but rather to humility.  Whoever “humbles himself” as a little child is the “greatest in the kingdom of heaven,” […]

The Strength Of The Argument.

My truth, even before coming to faith, has always been rooted in the “strength of the argument.” I can remember reading Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos,” at a very young age and finding his propositions concerning “fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution that have transformed matter into consciousness,” to be powerful and convincing. In that book, he said, […]

Revival or Outburst?

It always makes me smile when I hear someone say “we’re going to have a revival.”  I think it’s presumptuous, but I understand what they’re saying.  Clothe it in whatever other words you’d like, “break-through,” but to me it almost means “we’re going to create a lot of short-term excitement with little long-term impact.”  “We’re […]

The Dirty Dozen – Top Blog Posts of 2012

According the APEST assessment, I am a PT or gifted in the Prophetic and Teaching.  The characteristics of this combination are as follows: Questions what has become normative. Disturbs common thinking and practices. Agitates for positive change. Desires learning for purposes to influence. Discerns the message of Truth Seeks to ensure an authentic response to Truth […]

What Does the Popularity of Evangelical Gurus Say About Us Evangelicals?

Ronald M. Enroth, in “The Power Abusers,” states, “The popularity of evangelical gurus, new-age cults, and superpastors says a number of things about our society as well as rank-and-file evangelicalism. First, there are many people in our rapidly changing and often confusing world who have real dependency needs. They are attracted to authoritarian movements, Christian […]

Apologetics: Do Christian Apologists Have to Get All Defensive?

Generally speaking, when people accuse someone of “being defensive,” they mean that the other person is engaged in emotionally defensive maneuvers designed to ward off an unwanted feeling or admit responsibility of guilt for a particular act.  Acting defensively can also indicate that some thing, idea, or person close to you is being threatened. In a recent study, it […]

I could've been totally wrong when I said, "Apologetics is Not about Defending the Faith."

It’s not often that I admit I could be wrong.  Just ask my wife.  Usually though, when someone approaches me with a well reasoned argument and shows me where and why I’m wrong, I accept it.  Don’t get ME wrong, I’m not “against” apologetics, I just think the church as a whole is defending the […]

Is "Making a Commitment to Christ," Impure & Defiled Religion?

  Where are the ideas of being “totally sold out,” “committed,” or “giving Christ your all,” in order to be saved, found in scripture?  Aren’t all of those concepts heaping a heavy load on those who are seeking rest and already burdened and weighed down?  Matthew 11:30 “If you want to be saved, you have […]

There is only one mediator between man and God, and your Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or Imam, isn't it.

I make the following simple proposition:  There is only one mediator between man and God, and your Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or Imam, isn’t it. I base this proposition on a biblical text:  “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”  1 Timothy 2:5 Whether or not […]