Church 'Frames' Evangelism, or Evangelism 'Frames' Church?

William J. Abraham, author of the book, The Logic of Evangelism and Professor of Theology and Wesley Studies at Perkins School of Theology poses the following: “A robust ecclesiology is needed to frame the church’s ministry of evangelism.” In other words, a proper understanding of church leads to and fosters an effectual manner of evangelism.  I’m thinking it […]

2 Statements On Church Unity – Which One Is Better?

   Which of these 2 statement regarding the unity of the Church is better?  Why?   1.  “The Church unites in order to advance the gospel and God’s mission.” or 2.  “God’s mission and the advancement of the gospel unites the Church.” Don’t cop out by stating it’s a “both & and” thing.  Take a […]

Why Words? Aren't There Better Mediums for The Gospel?

“Why was the light of God given in the form of language? How is it conceivable that the divine should be contained in such brittle vessels as consonants and vowels? This question betrays the sin of our age: to treat lightly the ether which carries the light-waves of the spirit. What else in the world […]

In the Beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text was God…

In a recent Facebook post, David Hayward aka Naked Pastor said; “Some use the text to figure out what love means. Others use love to figure out what the text means. Totally different outcomes.” To which, I left the comment; “In the beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text […]

9 Reasons Why The Bible Isn't Supposed To Be Easy

1.  The scriptures have been peppered with obscurities and wonderful intricacies so that we would remain in constant prayer, interpretation and discovery with its Author. 2.  God designed the scriptures to excite our diligence in reading them, meditating on them, searching through them, and comparing them with one another. The scriptures, rightfully approached keeps us […]

Fracturing The Logos of the Gospel – Part II

In PART I  of this series, I said, “It has become fashionable to sever the (λόγος Logos) into parts and discard the objectionable.” I’d like to continue on that theme, but focus primarily on the relation of the words “gospel” and “logos.” In the book “Scripture As Logos; Rabbi Ishmael and the Origins of Midrash” […]

Paul And Barnabas As Second Generation Disciple Makers… And Why it Matters

After Peter does some evangelism in Solomon’s Portico and his subsequent arrest and release, we see the birth of an entirely  new generation of disciples. While it may not be normative² for all new groups of disciples to start this way, we see that: They believed the message of the Gospel. They were of one heart […]

What's the Difference Between 'Always Reforming,' and 'Seeking to be Relevant?'

Many call “FOUL!” when others try to bring relevance to the way the church conducts itself, or when it seeks to contextualize the manner in which the gospel is brought forth.  They erroneously assume that doing either effectively changes the Message and distorts the nature of the Man, Christ Jesus. (1 Timothy 2:5)  In addition, […]

Missional Leadership Does Not Isolate or Separate

We’re getting ready to kick of another major push outward to bring the gospel and make disciples in our contexts and beyond.  In order to do this, we’re forming a key group of those who have demonstrated one thing; A desire to extend the reach of our current mission practice.  There’s a movement happening here […]

I Never Saw The Gospel In Action ~ Will Never Be A Valid Excuse.

Once the truth of the Gospel is heard, assuming it is correct and complete, it’s up to the receiver to accept or reject it.  When standing before God, one will never be able to say that they didn’t receive the truth of the message because the people who preaching it were hypocrites or because their […]