A God’s Entered Gospel

“And so the Light became alive and manna became Man. Eternity stepped into time so we could understand.” ~ Michael Card, from the song ‘The Final Word’ Sometimes brilliance is stumbled upon. Sometimes it’s stumbled over. In this case, it’s the latter. I was chatting with a friend yesterday regarding this blog post, and the brief […]

Your Judgment and Salvation Hinges on How You Receive The Message (Of The Gospel)

When it comes to judgement and salvation, no human will ever be able to say that they did not believe the message (Of The Gospel) because of the contradictory behavior of Christians (the messengers). Hypocrisy, mediocrity, and a paradoxically portrayed faith IN Jesus by others is not a valid excuse for rejecting the message OF […]

Two Kingdoms in a Phone Booth.

It’s not hard to imagine squeezing a couple of people into a phone booth.  In fact, there was a mid-twentieth century nostalgic flare for trying to cram as many people as possible into small spaces like phone booths, cars, and even… outhouses.  Have you ever tried it?  How many did you cram into what?   […]