You Cry "Legalism!" Because You Don't Want to Obey

There most certainly exists a sliding scale of obedience within Christendom.  The lines between what actions are right, wrong, and nuetral are blurred, and in some cases obliterated.   Inevitably, when pushing the boundaries of Christian Liberty, there will be those in the church that accuse other “not so free” Christians of being legalistic.  Unfortunately, […]

The Legalistic Trap of Totally Surrendering to Christ

Surrendering all to God is impossible. Even though we know in our heart of hearts that is what God desires of us when we become Christians; nevertheless, surrendering all to God is impossible in this life—to give our lives totally over to Him for His purposes is an impossible task!  Unless, of course, you disagree […]

If it brings glory to God, then… If it doesn't then…

Last night I heard someone say, “If what you want to do brings glory to God, then do it freely and with all your might.  If what you want to do brings glory to yourself or others, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.” We were discussing Christian liberty and in particular those commonly held […]