In the Beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text was God…

In a recent Facebook post, David Hayward aka Naked Pastor said; “Some use the text to figure out what love means. Others use love to figure out what the text means. Totally different outcomes.” To which, I left the comment; “In the beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text […]

Is There Anything Besides 'The Works of the Law' Written on People's Hearts?

Is there a code of moral conscience ‘written’ on all people’s hearts?  Does every human being come imprinted with a facsimile of God’s nature that includes creativity, spirit, the ability to relate and communicate, intelligence, morality, and love? Since each human is “created” in God’s image, isn’t there a common frame of reference for dialogue […]

Attitude Without Sin?

Accusations amongst Christians towards each other are prevalent in social media circles.  I suppose that lack of immediate context, the absence of eye to eye accountability, and the tendency to read between lines on status’ and comments makes it easy to overstep wise and humble counsel.  It can be argued that social media is a […]

The Hypocrite I'm Standing Next To Is Me.

Yes, I tend to judge others more severely than myself.  My reactions are less knee-jerk and more jerk.  My hypocrisy is not so easily swept aside by my rehearsed mantra, “I’m not perfect, and I have problems, sins, and short-comings just like everyone else.”  I’m much more apt to grant myself leniency than my neighbor […]

A Disciple's Duty to Hate and Love

“Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts” Amos 5:15 “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”   Romans 12:9     Loving good and hating evil aren’t just conceptual recommendations, they are the duties of a Disciple of Jesus.  I’ve found that most believers are not “good” […]