Who Mentors the Missionary?

“Be careful with people who are quick to mentor, but lack one themselves.”   This cautionary proverb was written on a friends Facebook wall today, and I’ll have to admit, it got to me.  It got to me because I don’t think I have one.  A mentor that is.  At least not in the same […]

I Want to be a Disciple Maker, Not a Trainer.

When it comes to disciple making, I really don’t like the word “training.”  There appears to be some good uses of the word in the new testament, but with deeper examination the common notion of training is surprisingly evasive.   Here are the problems with the word “training:” It can create an ecclesial body gap […]

Discipleship – Teaching Then Doing, or Teaching While Doing?

Most modern-day discipleship follows the pattern of teaching then doing.  Jesus pattern seemed to be teaching while doing.  Does the difference between these two necessitate a change for the church?  There an old adage that goes like this:   1.  I teach, you watch. 2. I teach, you help. 3. You do, I help. 4. […]

Tools For The Task Of Disciple Making, Does It Matter?

A Disciple Making Parable &  A Couple of Questions:   A world renown older gourmet chef was looking for someone to carry on his legacy.  He decided to open his kitchen, receive candidates, and interview some for the role of an apprentice.  One by one they came and were dismissed for not being equal to […]

Why We Call it, "Discipleship Group."

Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., in a small town in the middle of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest, people from surrounding communities gather for what we call, “Discipleship Group.” There is a core group of attendees, an “inner circle” if you will, but we’ve seen folks come from all over the world. The group in this […]