7 Ways to Make Sure Your Short-Term Missions Trips Suck.

1. Make yourselves the primary beneficiaries of the trip. ~ It’s not exactly new, but it’s becoming ever more prevalent that short-term missions serve to benefit the ones going on mission more than the ones being ministered to.  There are at least three possible beneficiaries:  People being ministered to on the field, those who go, […]

Who Mentors the Missionary?

“Be careful with people who are quick to mentor, but lack one themselves.”   This cautionary proverb was written on a friends Facebook wall today, and I’ll have to admit, it got to me.  It got to me because I don’t think I have one.  A mentor that is.  At least not in the same […]

In Him we LIVE and MOVE and 'HAVE' our BEING.

Sitting around chanting “Kumbaya” while passing existential weed wrapped in bible paper is apparently how some think the church should “be.” In essence, the thought is that Christians should be “doing” less and “being” more. It sort of a self deafeating proposition when you think about it. Encouraging others to simply “be,” requires action, or at […]

14 Aspects of Jesus' Mission… and yours.

To become fixated on one aspect of mission, might be healthy in a robust community where each one plays his or her part. But, it is more likely that each individual should be flexible enough in the Spirit to know when, where, and how to operate in conjunction with God’s mission in the moment. Jesus’ […]

7 Things Spurgeon Said About Apostolic Movements…

“There may be some who say the success has been proportionate to the agency, and that we could not have been more successful. I am far from being of their opinion, and I do not think they themselves would express it on their knees before Almighty God. We have not been successful to the extent […]

The Top 5 God Directed Deviations of 2013

The highlight of my blogging experience this past year was when a couple and their family traveled 7000 miles to meet me, encourage me, and tell me how the blog has encouraged their faith community.  I am so grateful for the hope and peace they left behind. I never know which blog posts will be […]


After 7+ years on the mission field, I suppose it’s natural to wonder how much longer we’ll be doing this.  It seems that many have asked us recently how much longer we plan on “doing what it is we’re doing” here in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador. It’s been a tough year emotionally, but […]

Missional, Yes… But Still Missionary-ish Too.

There is a measure heat generated between the many who are embracing missional thinking and those who hold to a more historic or classical missionary mind-set. It’s something that acknowledged silently within both groups, but not usually discussed in “mixed” circles. The missional folks say that “we have much to learn from our cross-cultural missionaries,” […]

In my head, I’d probably call it 'Apostolic Discipleship,' but…

I was talking to a friend today about evangelism and discipleship in diverse contexts. We spoke of successes and failures, movements and mind-shifts, and of laying down and tearing up foundations. We laughed at our mistakes and lamented at some of the directional decisions we’ve made along the way. I briefly described our evangelism/discipleship process […]

A Two Word Missional Addendum To A Karl Barth Theology Quote That Puts It Over The Fence!

Here’s the quote: “Theology is not a private subject for theologians only. Nor is it a private subject for professors. Fortunately, there have always been pastors who have understood more about theology than most professors. Nor is theology a private subject of study for pastors. Fortunately, there have repeatedly been congregation members, and often whole […]