‘Unskilled’ Short-Term Missionaries?

I am a missionary in the Andes Mountains Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador. I have been on the field for over 10 years. As some of you may know, Ecuador has suffered a barrage of earthquakes recently where hundreds have been killed, thousands injured, and many more displaced.  The aid response has been incredible. Many […]

Moral Greed

The concept of moral greediness has been churning in my mind of late. I’ve accepted the permanence of greed in this world as I’ve accept the permanence of poverty. I think they’re causally related. Greed, along with its cousins, envy, jealously, and violence, cause poverty. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you,” […]

To Hell With Integrity?

Today’s Guest Blog Post by: Claudia Labrador I am not a famous blogger.  In fact, I am nobody, really.  But I have a bone to pick with famous bloggers who make their living being controversial at the expense of hurting others, and then making light of it by hiding behind all of the comments from […]

"There Are No Poor People Here?" / "¿No Hay Gente Pobre Aquí?"

I went to get a hair cut yesterday which cost me 2 Sacagaweas.  There were several people hanging out in the barber shop, both men and women, and they were discussing a variety of topics.  When the subject of a community project to help the poor came up, I became attentive.  Then I heard someone […]