You Obey Jesus’ Commands AND Walk as He Walked… Right?

That we are to obey all that Jesus commanded is practically, for someone who claims to be a follower of Jesus, a given.  Christians tend to be very astute in knowing ALL of Jesus’ commands and pointing out those that don’t obey them. If we had to narrow down all of Jesus’ commands and subtract […]

And When the Gentiles Heard The Gospel… WHAT GOSPEL???

“And when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord, and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.  And the word of the Lord was spreading throughout the whole region.” (Acts 13:48,49) Before getting into the point of this blog, I think it’s important to unpack these […]

Is Healthy Sexploration Still Possible?

I was reading this article today where I found the following quote; “The proliferation and globalization of hypersexualized imagery and pornographic themes makes healthy sexual exploration almost impossible.” I made me ask myself;  “Have I contributed to making ‘healthy’ sexual exploration (sexploration) impossible in the relationships I have had?”  I suppose that porn viewing or […]

5 Ways to Topple a Church Regime

1. Obliterate and repent of all semblances of an ecclesiastical caste system. Any distinction, either by action or thought which conveys that there is a clergy class and a laity class must be questioned, challenged, disturbed, provoked, captured, and killed. If this sounds too violent, revolutionary, or subversive, then consider it more like a mercy killing, an assisted […]

The 'Duress' or 'Dark Version' of the Gospel?

Recently, the Huffington Post Religion section made a big deal about the ‘dark version’ of the gospel that has been preached by the ‘establishment’ for the past 1800 years.  It ‘s a quick read, and you can see that article in its entirety here.  The author also states that “Many Christians confuse the idea of […]

Nunchaku Christianity? Violence and 'The Use of Force,' in a Church Culture.

There has been much talk of pacifism within Christian circles of late.  In response, the often shocking and reactionary Mark Driscoll recently said, “Jesus is not a pansy or a pacifist; he’s patient. .”  The article, which you can read here, attempts to make the case for the physical use of force based on an […]

In the Beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text was God…

In a recent Facebook post, David Hayward aka Naked Pastor said; “Some use the text to figure out what love means. Others use love to figure out what the text means. Totally different outcomes.” To which, I left the comment; “In the beginning was the Text, and the Text was with God, and the Text […]

The Lost Art of Pity

“I DON’T WANT YOUR PITY!”  or “DON’T YOU DARE PITY ME!”  Has anyone ever said either of those to you?   Usually, it’s a reaction based in some perceived humiliation or resentment.  Mostly though, I think it’s the church’s fault because she’s forgotten the Christian art and duty of pity. Disclaimer!  The next section of this post […]

Should Christians Choose or Take Sides?

It seems quite natural for Christians to choose sides. In fact, it’s almost assumed that they will.  Verses like “Choose you this day whom ye will serve…” (Joshua 24:15), “Come out from them and be separate…” (2 Corinthians 6:17), and “Get away from the tents of these wicked men, and don’t touch anything that belongs […]