Are Contemporary Church Meetings 'Built On' the Synagogue Model?

The word “assembly” in James 2:2, and the word “congregation” in Acts 13:43, is translated from the Greek word sunagógé, which is translated as “synagogue” in all 56 other places that it appears in the New Testament books.  Christ’s followers, as it appears by the usage of the terms in 45-49 A.D., (the time of […]

This Quote about Church was Good until…

I read a lot. Right now, I’m reading, amongst other things, “Understanding Christian Mission: Participation in Suffering and Glory”  I keep bumping into quotes in this book that make me want to stand up and shout “YES!” and then get a bit deflated when the quote, or the idea, boomerangs back to church as institution, […]

When it Comes to Church, We're for these 26 Things…

1. A Church That Honors the Triune God 2. A Church That Cherishes Jesus Christ Above All 3. A Church That Follows the Lead of the Holy Spirit 4. A Church That Clings to Scriptural Truth 5. A Church That Holds Theological Convictions With Humility 6. A Church That is Most Notable for Its Love […]

The 'SHUT YOUR MOUTH' Church Pew

Today, I was tasked to teach on the role, function, and characteristics of Pastors in this church era.  We discussed various Old Testament passages like Jeremiah 3:15,  Jeremiah 10:21,  Jeremiah 12:10, and  Jeremiah 22:22.  We asked the questions like; “What provoked God to promise to give the people good pastors? What was wrong with the ones […]

Unity in Diversity – Global Perspectives On a Simpler Church

There’s a new book ready for publication, pre-orders are now being accepted by Redeeming Press and Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.  It’s called Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity. I am excited about this book because I know many of the authors who have contributed AND because ‘many authors have contributed.‘  Additionally, these authors represent practitioners from very […]

Natural vs. Artificial Local Church

We talk a lot about “Organic” church here in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador.  It can be a loaded term, and is often held up as an alternative to “institutional” forms of church. “Institutional” can be a loaded term also, and is often negatively applied by those who choose not to gather in more […]

A Hothouse Tomato Discipleship Parable

I remember asking a bunch of agrarian Latino Christians if they would rather eat tomatoes grown in a hothouse, or those grown in under natural conditions, in their own soil. Most said they preferred the hothouse tomatoes. They were more flavorful, they looked better, and had a better texture. The I asked them, “If you […]

A Podcast About Church From The Cloud Forest Of Ecuador

It’s raw and unrehearsed, but this podcast takes an audio snapshot of the mission, culture, and church here in Ecuador.  It’s not too long, and you can listen to it here.  We answer the question, “Why isn’t the Disciple Making that’s happening where you are, happening where we are?” and others in this podcast.  Pay […]

The Slow Evangelism Blade Penetrates The Shield

Pope Francis recently said; “Going out to others in order to reach the fringes of humanity does not mean rushing out aimlessly into the world. Often it is better simply to slow down, to put aside our eagerness in order to see and listen to others, to stop rushing from one thing to another and […]

The Top 5 God Directed Deviations of 2013

The highlight of my blogging experience this past year was when a couple and their family traveled 7000 miles to meet me, encourage me, and tell me how the blog has encouraged their faith community.  I am so grateful for the hope and peace they left behind. I never know which blog posts will be […]