God Will Judge America if ‘THAT’ Candidate Wins the Election.

“God will not hold us guiltless [if THAT Candidate is elected],” “God will judge America for failing to support ‘THAT’ candidate who will “get us back to the biblical values that founded our nation, a nation that was founded for God.” “God is using ‘THAT’ candidate to prepare America for Christ’s return.” If we don’t […]

Tyndale Quote on Politics and Christian Leadership

WILLIAM TYNDALE (1494-1536), was an English Reformer (known as ‘the Apostle of England in the time of the Reformation’) and the translator of the first English New Testament from the Greek (1526). A historical movie drama, “God’s Outlaw” was produced in 1986 Tyndale was martyred for his translation work and his writings in the defence of Biblical Christianity. […]

Running for the Office of an Overseer – Church Elections?

“The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task.” 1 Timothy 3:1  ESV In the light of the election tomorrow, I thought I’d briefly address church politics.  Specifically, the ideas of “running” for a church “office,” and the “voting” for those in the “race.”  First, let’s define […]

Do Christians Impose Their Values On Others? Part I

In order to impose, one must have the power or authority to impose.  This applies to a group or an individual.  When it comes to government, especially in the United States, there is not a single Christian group endowed with such authority.  Every law “imposes” someone’s moral “values” on someone else.  If you give a […]

Why Can't I Be a Christian Political Lobbyist?

  So, let me get this straight. In today’s post-modern Christianity, I can be a Christian tattoo artist, but not hold a political office or even worse, be a political lobbyist? Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory […]

The Message of "Repent and Believe" Through Political Legislation?

Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!”  Mark 1:15  Who was he talking to?  The scripture says “the people of Galilee.”  What kind of place was Galilee at the time of Jesus? Was it a quiet, rustic, peaceful little tranquil place?  It looks that way, sure, but the region was known […]