Advent Apologetics Day #9 – Changing Minds?

If repentance = “Changing one’s mind,” and “repentance leads to life” (Acts 11:18, 2 Corinthians 7:10), then changing one’s mind leads to life.   If that’s correct, then the goal of apologetics should be to help others (with the hope) (1 Peter 1:3) change their minds.   The Bible points out that true repentance will […]

Sin Early in The Day! It Leaves More Time for Repentance.

A few of us were returning from a day of ministering in a remote town and were encouraging each other, sharing scripture, and joking around.  At one point we were discussing a street dance that was being put on by the local Roman Catholic church.  One asked if the dance was Friday or Saturday night. […]

The Legalistic Trap of Totally Surrendering to Christ

Surrendering all to God is impossible. Even though we know in our heart of hearts that is what God desires of us when we become Christians; nevertheless, surrendering all to God is impossible in this life—to give our lives totally over to Him for His purposes is an impossible task!  Unless, of course, you disagree […]