When ‘Waiting on God’ Just Might be Apostasy – A Missionary’s Perspective

The words “Apostle,” “Apostasy,” and “Resurrection,” could change the way you look at the Mission of God forever!   Here’s why;    Apostle (Apo-Stello) There are over 80 occurrences of the Greek word ‘apostolos’ (apostle) in the NT, mostly in the writings of Luke and Paul. The word is a joining of two ideas; the common prefix ‘apo’ […]

A Little Theological Exercise: Where is the Physically Resurrected Jesus?

Where is the physically resurrected Jesus? Physical?  You mean He has a body? Yes! Well, does that mean Jesus is spatially located somewhere? Yes! Well, then how can Jesus “be in my heart?” Technically, He can’t.   What do you mean technically? Paul the Apostle, when speaking to a group which complicated the gospel, said, “And […]