When it Comes to Church, We're for these 26 Things…

1. A Church That Honors the Triune God 2. A Church That Cherishes Jesus Christ Above All 3. A Church That Follows the Lead of the Holy Spirit 4. A Church That Clings to Scriptural Truth 5. A Church That Holds Theological Convictions With Humility 6. A Church That is Most Notable for Its Love […]

The 'SHUT YOUR MOUTH' Church Pew

Today, I was tasked to teach on the role, function, and characteristics of Pastors in this church era.  We discussed various Old Testament passages like Jeremiah 3:15,  Jeremiah 10:21,  Jeremiah 12:10, and  Jeremiah 22:22.  We asked the questions like; “What provoked God to promise to give the people good pastors? What was wrong with the ones […]

Unity in Diversity – Global Perspectives On a Simpler Church

There’s a new book ready for publication, pre-orders are now being accepted by Redeeming Press and Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.  It’s called Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity. I am excited about this book because I know many of the authors who have contributed AND because ‘many authors have contributed.‘  Additionally, these authors represent practitioners from very […]

Minimalist Church?

No, I’m not talking about architecture, or interior design, I’m talking about the gathering of the saints, ekklesia, or what is commonly called “church.”  Mobile operating systems are getting “flatter,” “simpler,” and “minimal.”  Certain segments of the Church are doing likewise.  In fact, the idea of “simple” church has been around for some time.   […]

A Podcast About Church From The Cloud Forest Of Ecuador

It’s raw and unrehearsed, but this podcast takes an audio snapshot of the mission, culture, and church here in Ecuador.  It’s not too long, and you can listen to it here.  We answer the question, “Why isn’t the Disciple Making that’s happening where you are, happening where we are?” and others in this podcast.  Pay […]