Doctrinal Deal-Breakers Dissociative Disorder in The Church

No, Doctrinal Deal-breakers Dissociative Disorder (DDDD), is not a real thing.  I just made it up.  But if one were to look at the sheer number of denominations, somewhere between 217 and 3300 (yeah, I know), and question the reason that Christ’s followers are so fragmented, then that one would be justified in asking”Why?” and likewise […]

Meetings or Mission, Which is the Better Path to Church Unity?

Having recently had multiple encounters with diverse sets of denominational church leaders, I’ve heard an interesting proposition more than once. The proposition is this: “If we could just have more cross-congregational church services/meetings/gatherings, we would have better unity.”   I cringe when I hear that. Not because striving towards unity is a bad thing, but […]

Unity in Diversity – Global Perspectives On a Simpler Church

There’s a new book ready for publication, pre-orders are now being accepted by Redeeming Press and Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.  It’s called Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity. I am excited about this book because I know many of the authors who have contributed AND because ‘many authors have contributed.‘  Additionally, these authors represent practitioners from very […]

2 Statements On Church Unity – Which One Is Better?

   Which of these 2 statement regarding the unity of the Church is better?  Why?   1.  “The Church unites in order to advance the gospel and God’s mission.” or 2.  “God’s mission and the advancement of the gospel unites the Church.” Don’t cop out by stating it’s a “both & and” thing.  Take a […]

At the Point Where Disfellowship Began…

There’s an interesting phrase in Spanish, “El Punto De Partido,” which literally means “starting point,” or “match point” if you put an “a” at the end as in “partid(a).”  It can also mean point of separation, division, or split.  In the past few weeks I heard “Punto de Partido” used in the sense of Christian […]